Friday, November 5, 2010

Final today.

So today is my last day in workshop phase and then I am headed out to rehearsal.  =D  I cannot believe it has already been two months and now I get to take clients and start building my business.

We tested yesterday on color and I got 10/10 on my practical and a 93 on m y test!  I also got my overall practical grade for workshop and I got 100%!  I was so excited to got a perfect score for all of my practical tests.  

Here are some pictures of my finished haircut and my new color.  Of course Terica did it for me...she is my other half at school =)

It is hard to see, but we used a violet red color on the long strands and on a section in the back.

We got to work on updos yesterday while our teacher quizzed us for our final.  I was just kind of experimenting  with different things

Well I am off for now I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and the Hair show tomorrow.

We had a fun day today at school.  I had my first official Student Council meeting, penny wars ended today and we raised a lot of money, but I am not positive of the exact amount yet.  We are donating the money to a local charity.  I now only have one week left in workshop and then I start working on the floor.  I am really excited, but nervous at the same time.  Tuesday we will be doing student services all day so Terica will be dying my hair and cutting it a little bit shorter, I will be dying her hair to jet black, and we are cutting Amanda's hair and dying it either red all over or just red highlights.

I am getting a great experience tomorrow.  My friend Ashley has connections with people that are putting on a hair show to raise money for cancer.  They were in need of make up artists and she enlisted some of us to help out.  So there are 6 of us and 50 models it is going to be crazy, but it is such a great experience and I think it will be a lot of fun.  I bought a pretty cool make up kit at Ulta to use at the show and hopefully put to use later on.

Well I am off to make dinner.  Hope you all have a great halloween

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alisha's new cut

Here is the second round of Alisha's hair.  We are just gradually taking her hair shorter, she does not want it to happen all at once.  So today I took it about an inch shorter than it was and fixed her bangs from going down on the sides to turning upwards, that is how she likes to wear them.  So here are the pictures

I know her bangs look a little off but it is just the way her bangs are curled in the picture.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My new haircut

So today we had a guest speaker from Redken today that talked to us about their color products and their chemistry line.  After lunch we started on student services and Terica cut my hair today.  Here are my before and after pictures

Terica will be working on it again in two weeks when she colors my hair.  I want some more layers/pieces in the front and for the bangs to be shorter, but we ran out of time to do it today.

Tomorrow we will be doing mens cuts all day, Thursday we will be reviewing everything, and Friday I will be cutting Alisha's hair and then doing our written exams.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Long two weeks

Hair cutting has  been crazy.  I ended up sick last week and missed a day of school and I feel like I am a little behind.  I have to do two hair cuts still that I missed, but I know the general idea of them.  We have been doing up to 4 hair cuts a day on our manikins.  Here are some I did today.
Here is a picture of Michelle before the cut
 Here is Michelle after I straightened and cut her hair.
Here is her hair cut after I did a marcel set on her (used a curling iron and pining the curls like they are on rollers until they cool)

Here is Kim with her long hair

We have done a couple of other hair cuts on her that I have not uploaded yet so I will show you the in between soon.  This is a guys square hair cut also known to us as the new rocker mullet look.

Well, that is is for now.  Robert keeps saying that I am choosing to blog instead of spend time with him =)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great news!

So this is going to be a busy month.  We started hair cutting today and will be doing it for the next two weeks and then we move on to hair color for the other two weeks.  I am excited to get a fun hair cut and some good color in my hair though. =)

I did ok on my skin test, I got an 85% which I was not too happy about, but I passed...only 3 people in our class did.  It is known as being the hardest test.  I got a 10/10 on my facial and make up application.  Alisha looked great, but we forgot to take a picture of her with the make up on.  I also finally got pictures of the updo I did on Friday so here they are.

In other news I was voted today to be the student council representative for my class!  I am super excited about it.

Well, I am done for now and I will make sure to take pictures tomorrow of my straight form hair cut.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our week with Skin

So this week has been crazy which is why I have not been able to post yet.  We have been learning about skin, facials, waxing, and make-up.  This week is also different because the class that is a month ahead of us is getting ready to graduate to the floor on Friday.  So today we have our models coming in to have a mini facial and make-up application.  Alisha is amazing because she is being my model again =)  Thank goodness she is so nice because other wise I would of had to shave robert and put make-up on him.

On Monday we just did a lot of note taking, reading, and worksheets.  Tuesday was a fun day.  We got to do student services to each other all day.  I got my legs waxed, a facial, and had my make-up done.  I helped wax some legs and eye brows, gave Liz a facial, and wrote my 'speech' to present to my class as to why I should be our student council rep.  There are two other girls going to the position and the best part is we are all three close.  So whoever gets picked we are ok with that choice...but I would really like to get it =)

Yestday we had fantasy make-up day.  My group had the theme of Chicago in the 40's.  We had a lot of fun, but did not win.  The Cleopatra group won.

Here are some pics from this week.

Here is Amanda before we did her hair and make-up
 This is our group putting the finishing touches on her.  I don't know if you can see it very well but her hair has finger waves and pin curls.
 Here is Amanda's finished look.  She looked so 40's it was AMAZING!  I will try to get some better pictures from someones camera later on so you can see some closer images.
 Here is Liz getting a paraffin mask facial.  She looked like she had surgery on her face.
Here is Liz's before picture =)  My friend is crazy
Here is her after picture.  She has never worn make-up before so I did a nice light pallet on her.  I evened out her skin tone and gave her a good purple /maroon eye to bring out her great complextion and beautiful eyes.
 Everyone loved it and could not get over how amazing she looked.  It really made me feel good that I could give her that boost.  She was walking around school showing EVERYONE haha.
That is it for today.  I will post more pictures after friday because we are doing an updo contest on friday while the other girls take their final for the performance floor.

Thanks for reading =)